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How to identify your pool&spa filter cartridge?

The replacement cartridges catalogue is divided into two sections, Dimensional and by Pool/Spa Manufacturer. The cartridges are listed alphabetically by original manufacturer, and then each cartridge for that manufacturer is listed from the smallest O.D. (outside diameter) to the largest, then by overall length, top (measurement or handle, etc.), bottom diameter, and description (manufacturer).

A Measure the outside diameter of the cartridge.(+/- 1mm).

B Measure the overall length of the cartridge in inches (+/- 1/16),including the end caps. Do not include any handles, strings, etc.A more accurate measurement ismadeby measuring through thecenter of the cartridge when possible.

C If the top and/or bottom is open, measure the inside diameter ofthe opening (+/- 1mm). If the end cap is closed make note of its dentifying features (i.e. 'Handle', etc.).

D Make note of the manufacturer (OEM) and model number of the filter into which the replacement cartridge will be installed.

E Take note whether or not there is a center core.Also count the number of pleats (+/- 2).